Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts Anime pt4"


The drawing and animation were pretty good, but the dialogue was pretty cheesy. The VAing was not bad, though but, man, that dialogue...


that totally reminded me of when i was playing the game and it was funny too. grat job

cobra0528 responds:



I'm a fan of the tokyo pop Magna and the Sqare Enix games.

It was.... something

I was excited to see this and it ended in dissapointment when i saw it, im a kingdom hearts fan and also i love kingdom hearts parodies but what are u trying to do here???? If i wanted to know the story I would have played the game again... I dont need to know anything that i already know. Anyway there were some funny parts i have to admit but u concentrated on the story so much that became really boring and dull. I almost closed the window but for pity i stayed until the end just in case. Anyway dont concentrate in the story of KH cause if we would want to see the story we can just play the game and its a lot more better.

not bad

it seems like mostly stills but i guess if its from the manga that's what your going for, turn up your audio quality settings and add a preloader, other than that good job ^_^