Reviews for "Dwarves in Space"

.... i just have no words for this. all i can say is ur a master in music no a GOD!
- big fan

p.s. when do we get more larry comics or movies? i love that little hero whit the cheese knive.

I don't know, the opening had was pretty bland to be honest, but as it kept going I could slowly overtime see many a dwarf in space fighting on the moon, racing through the stars, mining the rings of Saturn, laying waste to elves in a war over Pluto and challenging the sea folk of the planet Neptune. All in all this song captivated my ears and my imagination. A veritable Middle Earth in the havens above the clouds and beyond. Everything just flowed so smoothly and was a treat to hear. Kudos to you sir, kudos.

Jazza responds:

thank you! you're so great

Great work!

Sounds great, my only issue is that the drums sound a bit quiet... consider making the timpani/bass drum a bit wetter and in the 3:00-4:00 area with hits, moving between the first and fifth or first and third has a great feel to it as opposed to sticking on the first. The snare rim-hits around 1:00 should either be a bit louder or perhaps, consider trying them on the drum itself.

You do a great job of making clean motion between the various motifs, and the piece moves well, although some more counter-melodies could have been used. Instrumentation is okay, although I didn't hear much woodwinds. The clarinet around 2:00 is nice, but oboe and 8va would perhaps offer a clearer sound. When you get to the build up around 2:45ish, the range seems fine, but once again, oboe might be better.

Which trumpet were you using for that part near the end? If you were using solo trumpet 1, consider trying solo trumpet 2... it has a timbre that is more fitting for epic songs. Alternately, I have had luck as of late with the 2 trumpet VIs.

There's a fair diversity to the piece, and I think you did a good job with expressing a solid feeling with it.

Best of luck in the competition!

Jazza responds:

Hey man, thanks for the feeback, I enjoy your music :) I think i used grouped instruments for the parts, including trumpets, if there was any solo instrument it was the french horn, i love french horns. Anyhow thanks for the detailed review :)

Bravo Jazza! You have done a sensational job over all the music was brilliant as expected. My issue is the climax of the song didn't bring out enough energy and zest. Besides that you have such a phenomenal piece of art here. Best of luck in the competition. Hopefully it will be a strong learning experience for you and your colleague.

This was really good, but it was kind of confusing. I don't see how much it had to do with dwarves in space. It just seems like more generic music. It makes sense that this was used in a cartoon with that name. I'm surprised it wasn't one you made yourself. This is seriously a great song.

If it's good, I don't care what it's about. It looks like it's been used in a variety of entries too. I am starting to get the sense of space in this. Wow, 16 instruments! You are truly talented!