Reviews for "I Found A Dollar!"

Great Flash!

aolasluke, the reason people don't give money to hobos is because they will probably spend it on beer. Thats one of the reasons their homeless in the first place. anyway aside from that, I absolutely love this cartoon. It didn't need awesome graphics, or plot, just one simple message. This flash has taught me that if I find a dollar I should be happy about it instead of pocketing it and spend it on something in a dollar store. Awesome Video, too bad the music was removed from the audio portal, I really like the song, it fits so well. Looking forward to seeing more funny flash from you!



Wow, you seem to be pretty happy with your life, happyness is good, healthy even.
I did the exact same this when i found a Quarter in from of a liquor store, everybody was looking at me wierd like: "What the hell is wrong with this child" I'M NOT A FUCKING CHILD OKAY!? It's amazing how overjoyed people get when they find money in the streets. But instead of hoarding it and buying candy, why don't you give it to the less fortunate.... Yeah, give it to a hobo, it's the right thing to do.

But what the hell, your not going to listen to me, but be warned: If you go to Hell for not giving that dollar to the less fortunate, it's not my fault... It's yours.

Well, I'm going to finish my ranting here before my keyboard explodes.

( ...

I wish I could find a dollar... :' ( lol dude jokes vid

reminds me of my life...

except i always beat that guy up and have 2 dollars :D


same thing happened to me lol.