Reviews for "I Found A Dollar!"

Simple and sweet.

It's so simple but it made me smile. ^^

Nice job it's great for something simple.

LostVoices responds:

thanks alot im surprised so many people like it


THAT, I can guarantee, is the feel-good flash movie of the year. It was inspiring and it warmed the heart.
So rave lights magically appear when your mood is improved? Awesome - I say you host a party for all of NG at your place and we'll have a massive rave by keeping you continually happy. Come on NG, you know you want to!!
And did you thank your street after it gave you the dollar it had kept waiting for you?

LostVoices responds:

lol flash of the year :) awesome


Im not sure but it has a strange charm to it good work

LostVoices responds:

:) something different