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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

I have to say this

I really didn't enjoy this game at all mainly for one reason. It's still the same Doom. Even the cheats work. It's like simply compiling this game into a flash version and uploading it here. I'm very disappointed in this game. Hopefully Mike, if you're reading this, you might answer me this question: "Why did you "create" this?

This game would be so great! IF IT WOULD WORK!

Every 2 seconds it keeps stoping telling me that its paused. I dont know if its a problem on my part but I would appreciate it if you could figure that out for me. Thank you.

It's not your original content.

You simply ported their games to flash.

Not A Demo Mam.

Way too confusing, you can end up pressing buttons by mistake without looking and bring something you don't know how to get rid of and plus your Hexan is WAY too goddamn long to be a damn Demo.

This NOT DOOM, it is someones idea of playing doom, no controls and being forced to run past everything . how about letting the players PLAY it?