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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

no like-y

well, i've played this game in it's original console and i didn't liked it.. i still second that emotion..


It would be good, if it worked. No button on my keyboard shoots the gun. So I just walk around and get killed. It looks like it would be awesome if I could actually play it though.

Great game. Not yours, though

Now why on earth would we applaud you to simply copy another game? Nice of you to convert it, but what the hell. This is a rating of your work, not the game. And then the low score is obvious

This is not your game

Much as it may be flying in the face of public opinion here I have to ask all those who have given this game a 10 why have you done this? This is just doom ported into flash that is all. I will give some points for the effort taken to achieve the conversion but there is nothing original here.

We all know that doom is an amazing game but thats not what this points scoring system is here for. Its here to give credit to people who have submitted original works which this is not. Its just plain old doom which doesn't even play as well as it did originally, plus the sound and music don't even work properly. Mike if you want genuine kudos for what you do you need to work on and create something thats actually original.

To anyone who wants to re-experience doom I suggest you simply download the shareware or buy a copy of the game and enjoy it as its supposed to be. If you want a slightly different experience of the game download the doomsday engine and play your copies of doom through that. Its a far better experience than playing this game I can assure you.

Just didnt like it

I dont know why.