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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

hmm. this is a tricky one

doom was cool, but now this really isnt

-its doom. instant awsum.
-gory of corse
-weapons are cool
-4 cool levels

-ok, its ddom, its a tribute, but must we stick to the awful controls? it was ok bak then when their was really no other option, but now i think we should move foward like the doom series has
-no music
-audio overall bad
-not a reall clear indication of were to go

well, its just so outdated.



These games are awesome to begin with, and it's great that you put them like this on newgrounds.
But they are very buggy, music is missing the controls are so fucking annoying that it's not worth playing at all.

poor control funtion

with some computers the button control is messed cant move from starting room cant open doors/secret rooms so that said the bottons that dont work for some is mouse botton2 ctrl ... aleast for me my space bar is to shoot in stead of open things so thats my imput but it may not matter seems how i am on a laptop k peace


to confusen for me i dnt lke this type of games with low graphics :0 it was O.K


i played doom and i dont like how you have to hold and drag the mouse ithink you should have to use the keys.