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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"


About damn TIME somebody did this! Loved this game, and always wished that somebody would convert it to flash... I can't IMAGINE how much time this took you. One problem, though- I'm used to being able to customize controls, so if there's some way you could make the controls customizable, that would be great... I'm getting my ass kicked because I forgot how to strafe in this game!!! Other than that, badass.


way way way way way good job settin this up
i like how you can still use the whole menu and still save and load
one thing though the moving controlls are a little slow on reaction time
but other than that this rules!

Long Time

Man i havent played hexen since N64 good times

Doom - Where1st person shooters started!!

I haven't played DOOM for ages. I'm not old enough to have played it on college back when it came out, but I've always been a fan of the entire thing. It is, as the name implies, doom itself embodied as a game! Great job, man.


Great port, but i would love to see you do Duke Nukem 3D, thats if gearbox/3d realms/whoever lets you :D