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Reviews for "Slug Designer 2"

Simple, and Enjoyable

Your Slug games are very creative. And very enjoyable.

GamerToday,GamerToday,107,155.4,51,16 1.4,194,165,101,36.4,38,16,21,378.85,

needs more

put some music on it give us color changing opportunities and separate the mouths and the nose some of us want to use both

More bad than the 1.one 'cause of less acczezzoris

and no story.

Living the life,Mr.G,61,89.4,29,35,223,32,150,10 4,39,17,36,381.85,170.05,392.9,221.6,

that was it?

i think its my fault for not reading the title that much.. well, i think this could have been a lot better if we can actually use our "blob".. by the way mine is name blue.. guess why.. it was good.. but come 'on that was it?