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Reviews for "Maze Man 2"

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ninth place !!!(daily and monthly)
and 50 of al times!!!

Fun game with some good ideas

I like a lot of what this game is doing, it has a lot of fun ideas that it brings to the table. I think the main fault of the game is that is doesn't take any of those ideas and run with as far as it can go. Puzzle aspects are introduced and they're never used as well as they could be to create some really devious mazes. As it was, though, it was still very entertaining. Enough so that I played through it again to see if I could squeeze my way to the top of the leaderboards.

I hope I get to see a Maze Man 3, it has tons of potential.

Awesome game!

The only way I can think to improve this is to increase the responsiveness of the controls to make the man easier to control. Still, great work!

that was very adicting

i could not stop. YEAH XD