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Reviews for "Maze Man 2"

Great simple yet addictive game.

Great addictive yet simple game. The only really problem I have with this game is its simplicity. 7/10.


I won a 360! Nice game, really

an amazing idea that doesn't out stay it's welcome

Ahhh, refreshing to go back in time and play something that is so simple, but addicting, and it even uses the tried and true "Testing" aspect. If it doesn't work out once, try something different. It's a little easy on some of the mazes, but lands the aspect of simplicity, PERFECTLY. 10/10 and an add to my favorites in case I want to try and knock a few people from their perches on the leader boards. and, to darkseeker545, shut up and try using your BIG head that is attached to your sholders and not the little head that rests in your pants, and I say little with emphisis here, blood and guts don't make the game, it's the skill, such as Gaz here, of the person making it. So, get your big head out of your ass and use it. PLEASE?!


no blood no gutz same thing over and over and it needs to get stabbed and shot

Good :)

Funny animation. challenging, i like it! good job, nice and simple.