Reviews for ".:Reaper (Aracde_4):."

DAMMN! :D this is prety sweet man, keep at it. :D

Nice use of drums man! pretty nice 5/5

Death dont knock......Death kicks yo motherfukin door in.
monster stompin song u got here :D
sum it all up in 4 words........Death On Electric Wheels! >:D

your goood =D

If it's a Toby guy your looking for, than it's probably Toby Emerson. He's done the demo for FL Studio 10 and 8 as well from what i know since i own both. Check him out, he's probably who your thinking of. I really liked this remake but i think the crash cymbals need either turned down some or the highs in the EG need to be lowered. other than that, pretty good!

xenith800 responds:

Thanks for the info, will defo check him out. :D