Reviews for "Haywyre - Encompassing"

Wow, this is great. The rhythm really kept me hooked.

Nice jazzy first song, the drums made me go dancing instantly!

The second one made me chill heavily and nodd my head, great stuff!

Amazing piano at 0:48, For the rest, finally a cool origonal dubstep producer in the house :). Some cool DnB instruments mixed in aswel. This deserves nothing less than a 5.

Well done,

Very well keep up the good work

Well. Goddamn Martin.

You've done it this time man. Been keeping an eye on you since forever (when OMAR just came out) and I knew you were going pro faster than K-fed was going nowhere.

Excellent. Simply excellent. Your skills have improved drastically in each album.

I usually do a pro/con panel per my review but there is nothing that can be said here (as an affecionado of music that has listened to every genre in copious amounts) that I am skilled enough to remark on.

All I can do is appreciate the phenomenal work you put out.

Keep it up. Don't forget the love for the music (which is apparent in your tracks).