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Reviews for "The happy bunnybun dance"

Heey, i have no idea what just happened!

But i like it! Nicely done!


... scared me more than anything else I've ever seen on this site ...

HeRetiK responds:



Thanks for the warning.

Very nice, very happy, and pink, and bunny bunny. The audio is somewhat odd, but then again so is everything about this animation. It was something new; something fresh - thanks a lot.

Though I can't help admitting that it was somewhat scary, in a weird kind of way.

How to improve:
- get a little more action involved (it was nearly hypnotizing)
- give the bunnies genitalia
- smoothen out a bit (when moving the bunnies showed some cuts)

HeRetiK responds:

- it wouldn't be as hypnotizing with more action ;)
- lol no. although i must admit that the bunny ears look more phallic than originally intended.
- yeah i know... that's because i sort of messed up the skeleton by which the bunny is animated :X