Reviews for "Fallout 3 Mel's Addiction"

Great work

A legendary idea of how someone gets that badly addicted to a game, that they play it to destruction and beyond. I think my brother was worse than that at one point - he used to come to the table for one meal a day and that was only because Mum forced him to get off World of Warcraft for a short while.

I almost expected SRM to walk out of the Gamestore with the till still under his arm, but no, you took it one step more sublime - the shotgun to the computer. Yet another mighty step towards further progress with your work. Careful though, as I noticed that Mel's jaw seems to have an imperfection in it , near where you have it hinged. Iron that out from the animation standpoint and you're looking very good.

Another solid performance that earns you another award. You're getting quite a collection of them :)

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Battosai810 responds:

I just got New Vegas a few weeks ago and I'm feeling it kick in again already!

I base most of my cartoons on something I've either experienced or seen, and this is no exception. Write what you know, right? The shotgun to the computer was just taking a joke one step further into more cartoonish territory, which I'm glad I did.

As for Mel's jaw, I don't think I ever noticed. It used to happen sometimes when I hyperextended their jaws back in the symbol-using days like this. If you look back at SRM and Wuggeh, I actually painted over every frame that this happened in, which back then was like all of them. Since it was all gradients it was really, really noticeable.

Glad you liked this toon! Unfortunately it was one of the last cartoons I made to get real attention here at Newgrounds.


That reminds me! I'm buyin' New Vegas tomorro'! I think I'll cum in my pants when I play it, what do you think?

Battosai810 responds:

I think that sounds about right. Should've preordered it like all the cool kids though.

still playing that game huh? ugh

wanna take a break or something? ugh
well im goin to bed..........UGH.
mel u wannna look at funny picturs of cat captioned to make em seem like funnier pictures of cats. ugh
hey mel i brought someone over who may be able to cure your addiction.ugh

Battosai810 responds:

I just got New Vegas and it's the same story on my end.


jeez! eyeryone knows you get less rads frrom drinking from a sink. i wonder what level, karma, SPECIAL,skills , and perks mel had....

Battosai810 responds:

S 1
E 1
C 10
I 1
A 1
L 7

Wait how did that happen


Well, Fallout 3 was great, but it is kind of out shined by its older brother Oblivion. I mean sure its laggy, and you have ponies instead of nukes, but in Oblivion, you shoot flaming balls out of your fingers, become a vampire, and DON'T become OP enough to beat the crap out of the endgame when you beat the main quest. I love both these games, and have probably logged 400 hours at LEAST on both. I just kind of prefer sneaking into an inn and slowly murdering everybody because I have to, not because its fun to pretend the AI feel fear, when I can whip a minigun out at any time and rape everybody within four minutes. My opinion, of course, and the only thing that makes it better than yours is, of course, the fact that I am better than you. And I'm narcissistic.

Battosai810 responds:

Yeah, but the setting in Oblivion is so goddamn boring. I'll take Raygun Gothic post-apocalyptia over generic Tolkien-esque fantasy world #114 any day of the week.

Also, what the hell does this have to do with my cartoon?