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Reviews for "Spaze - Who You Are"

Now that is some pr0 dubstep track! Everything is almost flawless, the bass fits in perfectly, but it could use some more spice IMO.

This song is wonderful as it is, but you packed out all the energy right at the beginning so I wondered what you will bring up in the next minutes, something like singin or so.

I recognized very fast ur characteristical style, very well done.

I like the atmosphere at the beginning and sense of climax at the beginning. The melodies at :31 are catchy, although the bass is a little loud there, even if it doesn’t detract from the mastering that much. I suppose I’d question the pacing of this piece a bit in that the intro and build is only about 30 seconds long, while the melody repeats several times, playing for almost a minute in total by around 1:30. Also, the section after that was a little too drawn-out as well. I think you needed a less energetic breakdown or bridge section to really highlight the structural contrast in this piece. You also fail to vary the melodies during the second refrain, which leaves this piece without much of an overarching direction to it. The fade-out ending was also pretty lack-luster. I thought your drum samples were pretty generic, although you mixed them in well. This piece shows great potential, but doesn’t capitalize on that potential IMO. You could’ve done a lot more with the melodies, especially later on in the piece, and you didn’t add much meaningful or different material to the track after even the first refrain. If you take some more opportunities to create dynamic contrast, structural relief, and a more refreshing and unique sound design, this would be a top-tier piece. As for now, it fails to keep my interest after a while. Keep at it, man! ;)


Is that the fl basic clap? It just sounds way too similar and it really annoys me. Other than that it's great though!

not your best, but still really good