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Reviews for "Smileys Invasion 2"


that game was addicting. awesome 10/10.


overall.. was good BUT there is no objective, i mean you don't have any enemies

Nice job

I actually enjoyed this. It got a little repetitive after a while but it's still an awesome game. Loved the sound effects!


---Break Down---

Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 9/10
Gameplay - 7/10
Length - 8/10
Difficulty - 6/10

Nice game

pretty fun game, got first :D 7/10


I got 2nd place, not bad. I think it's really fun the first time. I dunno if I want to play it a second time though.

You get a 9/10, the minus 1 is because there is no replay value. Otherwise this game was pretty nice and it made me laugh a few times.