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Reviews for "Re:Reveris"

Simply love it

But this there a way to make it any louder then it alreadly is? I know it was meant to be soft but the music seemes to be tone down really low :\

Troisnyx responds:

It is loud for me, unfortunately... Not as loud as Day of Reckoning, but quite heavily audible still. I'm not sure whether I'd do this for the final release, but that's definitely something to think about.

i can see this bein the intro theme to a game.

Troisnyx responds:

We're thinking of making it such: now I would've been able to explain had NG not wiped out my intro (not the first time it's happened to me), but In re Reveris -- we're thinking of making it the intro/menu theme to Project Chaplaincy. The only thing I am anxious about is getting the actual game done...

awesome, sounds very cool, almost magical ^_^

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks ^_^
I recommend you see the artwork that inspired this (it's on NG as well) -- "Listen" by rtil. When I saw that drawing of his, I just had to set it to music.

Yay! I had to come and track this down again. I've had it archived on my computer for a while and it's a favorite of mine. I'm working on an animated project at the moment, and this scene works very well for a moment of unusual sincerity and genuine emotion from the normally smooth-talkin' hero. :) To me, the song has a troubled emotion, but a determination to beat out sorrow.

Thank you for the lovely piece!

Troisnyx responds:

Glad you loved it <3 The emotion is spot-on, I'll admit.

The story I originally wrote this for involves a protagonist who can't be involved in physical combat, being a priest. He is accompanied by various young friends, and their story takes place in a fantastical England, where the land is overrun by demonic beings, ravaged and left to burn and waste. While he and his companions journey around England to find out the cause of it, his old friends, whom he had to leave behind for his mission, die one by one... Hence why I said the emotion is spot-on: can a person with a temperament of steel hold that temperament for too long?

I can't wait to see the animation this will be in. Be looking forward to it! x

I could let this run on and on forever. This is stunning. What a great composition, a bit upset at myself that I haven't heard this until now!

Beautifully composed.