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Reviews for "Re:Reveris"

This is pretty neat, I like the slow flow of the music, It feels like an orgasm in my ears :P
I know, Weird right?

Simply love it

But this there a way to make it any louder then it alreadly is? I know it was meant to be soft but the music seemes to be tone down really low :\

Troisnyx responds:

It is loud for me, unfortunately... Not as loud as Day of Reckoning, but quite heavily audible still. I'm not sure whether I'd do this for the final release, but that's definitely something to think about.

Great music as usual.

Mixing... ouch... Here are some suggestions:
Imagine yourself in a concert hall where "London Symphony Orchestra" is playing your music (that would be great).
- Where would stand the strings ? Violin 1 (left) - Violin 2 (mid-left, more in the back) - Viola (mid right) - Cello (right) - Double Bass (sometimes in the right, sometimes in the back)
- Where would be the piano ? usually in the front of the orchestra if is soloist or in the right, back, behind violin 1
- How about percussion ? that is usually behind all instruments (so, need more reverb to give impression of space).

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks a lot for the input. :D Really. I think that's given me an idea of how the mixing should go. Again, I'll ask for tips in the PMs.

I'd say for an intro theme for a game, this is quite excellent. I like it. :)
The only problem I have with it is the mixing. The way you have certain instruments panned all the way to the left or the right sounds kind of awkward.
I'm looking forward to seeing this game!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Troisnyx responds:

Why, thanks for the heads up! I'll do something about the panning âEU" I'll need to DM you and ask one or two questions, because I don't yet know how to pan audio without it sounding very "heavy".

Also, thanks for the review in general. I hope we won't disappoint! I know Bullet Heaven was one of our inspirations, but I do hope we deliver. xx