Reviews for "Tank Search"


I'm sitting here thinking 'UGH! MY EYES HURT!...But Must... Find... The.. Tank.... urgghhh'
Great Game! Thoroughly enjoyed it, now I have to go away from the computer screen for awhile. :-/

wicked game man but...

this game rocks and is cool but a little bit hard for me and i need some help on level 34 please if someone doesent mind anyway good game

great game

maybe add some badges to it? :D


Easy, but few levels took some time. Nice game.

I had a good time playing.

This was such a simple concept for a game, yet it is so addicting. My friend and I had you use a walkthrough, yet we still couldn't get find the last tank. I thought the voice acting every five or so levels was actually amusing, it was a refreshing voice that recorded my progress. I could play this for hours if it had more levels.

Just it being one challenge in the gme can manke people lose interest. Maybe you could have eater egss or something to keep the player's eyes peeled, just for a little bonus. ALso, I'd recommend allowing users to upload their own pictures for this to hide the tank, it would make the game much more entertaining.

I thought you laid out the game well and all of the tanks were hidden creatively. My favorite level was probably the Super Paper Mario one. It was like Where's Waldo, only better. Keep up the great work!