Reviews for "Tank Search"


Great job guys. I liked the music, although many loops lose thier flavor after forty minutes - just like juicyfruit - and this one was no exception. Every single picture was interesting, either because it appealed to the nerd in me or because it appealed to the photographer in me. I liked the super-happy voice too. One complaint: the more pixelated, lower quality images made recognising the tank nigh impossible, and this made some early pictures far more difficult than later ones. The forest fire picture in particular caused me to abandon all hope of seeing the damn thing and start clicking everywhere until I got lucky.

Overall, great game, very entertaining, and as soon as my girlfriend forgives me, I won't regret having spent a good forty-five minutes on it.


Pros: This game could have easily been the most boring game ever, but amazing audio and great layout gives it a touch that made me want to keep playing it.

Cons: Burns your eyes after a while looking for those dastardly tanks; you begin to realize that a lot of things look like tanks for some reason; despite the fact that the audio is great, after about level 35, the song becomes a bit repetitive. Perhaps multiple tracks you can select from would be an improvement.