Reviews for "Tank Search"

<3 great

LOVED IT!!! but it wasnt hard at all for me anyway there were one or two like themount everest one for some odd reason and i just clicked around for level 100 hahahaha and yah, i wouldnt have won level 100 on my own lol
Well thanks loved it!!

Sequel time?

I played this a good few months ago and I love it, so I'm doing it again. It's a great hidden object variation - it's not heavy going but still challenging. Whether you're playing for 5 minutes or an hour, this is a brilliant game ^^

Creek - Bottom middle of the page. The tank is white/seethrough, and is disguised at the light reflected on the water.


nice game but im stuck on the creek.oh for guy stuck on B.M.X. try his left foot

When number 2 comes out

Try and make a skip button, so you can come back to the harder ones later :)
other then that, great and challenging ;D


I beat the game xD it was challenging but after a few minutes i got the hang of it !!!
Its a great game keep it UP