Reviews for "Tank Search"


Lvl 100 finally got me. Why did you have the 1-min time limit at the end?! It annoyed me! Otherwise, an excellent game! I will be watching for no.2!


wow i couldn't even do the first level lol


lol level 13

does not deserve 10 stars

this game doesnt deserve a 10 unless you smoke crack and have that simple of a mind. retardedly simple


This puzzle game was pretty challenging, the tanks were well hidden throughout the wide assortment of backgrounds. A majority of them were not so hard to find, just a little browsing and you could find it. But some were insanely hard to find. It would sometimes be easier to aimlessly click around the level in hopes of clicking on the tank. But other than that the game play was great! The music was addicting as well and really fit the different styles of the scenery. So good job! 10/10 5/5.