Reviews for "Tank Search"

dunkey =P

Stuck on 25 =P

But anyway, all it is is that you find a tank with really low alpha just smacked somewhere into the picture. I was expecting lots of different tanks with the NG tank hidden somewhere like where's Waldo...
Some took me some time, others I just click next and it was there. Happened to me about five times now
So to wrap it up, the 'low alpha' concept works, but for 100 levels? It's being overused. Maybe create the tank with clouds or waves and make the user find it.

Entertaining but annoying.

Not too bad. Definately fun. But the pictures and everything are so blurry that it makes it hard to find anything half the time. And the song on it is definitely not the most helpful for games that involve spotting hidden things. Thanks to whoever out there invited the pause button. All in all, not to bad, but definitely annoying.

help me!

Level 40! somebody help me..:(( (dis is a very gr8 game!! :DD)


Wots the song called wen you play the game itself its awesome