Reviews for "Tank Search"

I do not like this game Dunkey because you are black.

hai Dunk - e ! :D good game it took me lot of time to complete it XD

Best game, play it in front of your friends after a few games and it will blow their minds that you can get it in under 200 seconds, really fun game if you try again to beat your times

looks like zlarke didnt beat the game, and his baby butt is hurt.
i beat this in 162 seconds. this game is easy, please come back with a real challenge next time. oh and the music isnt THAT bad, but its distracting, which i hoped would help to provide a challenge but it didn't. didnt need to zoom or anything, like the loser below me.

I know I'm gonna get bashed for this because of the dunkey circle jerk, but here's my honest opinion.
The music is super repetitive and doesn't even loop properly. The game gets pretty annoying after a while. Looking for a tank with 90% transparency on pictures with horrible quality gets old pretty fast. I had to zoom in with my browser a few times to actually attempt to play the game.

Anyways, I wasted some time, so not a bad effort. Some of the tanks are cleverly hidden as well, and some of the images didn't suffer from the grainy quality.