Reviews for "Crazy Jay's Revenge"


Those of you who said make it longer, it was for a collab so it can't be too long.

Great job Endo, loved it!

Endo-K responds:

Thank you so much, I didn't think anybody would actually read the author's comments. Lmao and thanks for the review :3


finely made animation!
funny faces!
maybe needs imporvement in length cause is too short!
and in theme cause who is crazy jay?
that's all but it is still great!
keep working!


Now make it longer!

Graphics 10/10
Music 10/10
Length 8/10
Animation 10/10

Overall 9/10 and 5/5


I like it a lot man, smooth animations, the facial expressions were superb, and I like the way you put humor into it. Too many people try to make stick animations too serious, and blow it. Loved the shoop da woop. My only sadness about this flash is it wasn't longer. Looking forward to seeing more!

super nice animation

very nice and smooth, and the sound was funny, but if u were gonna leave it this short, a stop(); on the last frame and a replay button would be good, or just add more, this is a good thought

Endo-K responds:

Having it go back to the menu where you can just press play again is the same? Thanks for the comment though :3