Reviews for "Meteor Blast"


the game was realy good as it requires fast thinking and some sort of stratergy. it was a little easy but thats ok. if there is a next one mabe yadd extra stages wer it is faster moving after the different colours are introduced so that the difficulty is enhanced.

this defeat the object of th game but as i like defence games maybe upgrades can b introduced. im ranked 27 in da score board but probs hav been taken over by 100 people in the last minute :P keep up da gd work

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm thinking of an upgrade system for the next one, its been done a lot but I think it could work well.


Got to stage six, most of the time I had 2 or more chains, few parts wouldn't let Ya do that, but that is fine.

Overall of the game, WAY to easy, next time when you beat stage six, to add some play back fetures (sp?), have a mode that is 2x the speed or more. Add more colors because tried it again, and you didn't even have to change where the position of the cursor was to hit the nodes.

Great concept however, for those to found it easy just try adding more options, to much ddr made this easy to read. D:

ChromeShark responds:

People have also said its too hard, I tried to cater for everyone. Thanks for your suggestions I'll keep them in mind.

Not too bad, some tweaks needed

Overall a good attempt, but I barely got to stage 10 before my PC started having seizures due to the lag, its a good coordination game, but i pretty much suck at these, still its a nice addition to its genre, here's some of my worthless opinions ;)
- reduce the number of particles when the asteriods explode
- reduce the particle effects when u left click to start the vacuum sucking thingy
- 6 colors seems an overkill to me, u need Mozart's fingers to coordinate that
- maybe reduce the number of colors, but add some powerups & stuff, or have a purchase system to buy upgrades to help you out
Hope it helps, keep up the work man.

ChromeShark responds:

I'm impressed that you got to stage 10 when there's only 6 stages lol. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll keep them all in mind if I make a sequel.

not that engaged, but fun arcade play

I liked the arcade style play, but I'm not fond of the "different gun for different object" type of challenge. It's challenging, but not in a way that I find that enjoyable.

ChromeShark responds:

I personally like games that require different weapons for different obstacles, I think it adds a bit more strategy than the common 'shoot everything that moves' style. Each to his own though, I appreciate your review.

it was okay

it started to lag for me near the end to level 3. the game wasn't half bad but it's not one of those I'd like to play alot.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for reviewing!