Reviews for "Meteor Blast"


its relly fun after a a wile but god you ad mare like free play power ups stuff like that you no buy its a rell god star and i kant wait for the next game

ChromeShark responds:

Couldnt really understand that but thanks anyway!

Iffy Iffy

It was good yet very, very easy. i dont get the point really because it was not really challening and kinda boring after a while but overall it looks good and the controls were good so i give u a 7/10

ChromeShark responds:

I personally think it gets pretty tough with all 6 colors, clearly some people here are much better at games than me! Thanks for reviewing.

Hm, I think I have an idea

You could just have three buttons and three colors, but combine colors and have the mixed meteors take more than one hit to destroy. For instance, a purple meteor would have to be hit by a blue shot and a red shot. And so on.

Black meteors would be pretty funny.

ChromeShark responds:

Color mixing is something I've thought about, definitely worth thinking about if I make a sequel. Thanks for the review.


I won't repeat points that other people have said, there have been some really good reviews for this game.

Just like to add with the particle stuff. It looks cool, but you've overdone it. I have a decent computer, and hitting just two asteroids induces lag. Good, smooth gameplay is more important than getting a few extra particles. You could cut it down to 10% of how many you have at the moment and it will make little difference visually to the player.

Plus, you could make them more efficient. That's got to be, only about 100 particles before lag. That's not that good, I suggest you run through your code and try to make it as efficient as possible. Sometimes the difference between a good game and a great game is the ability to push the code to that extra level, and I'm not seeing that here.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for reviewing, there sure have been some amazing reviewers and I'm really grateful for all the suggestions people are giving. Regarding the lag, I didnt get any on my PC (it is quad core though :p) and as none of my beta testers mentioned it I didnt realize people would have problems, but I'll definitely improve upon it for the next one.

Cool...I got third place on my first try!

The game was interesting and fun. I liked the idea of different color lasers/meteors. And the music was perfect for the game.

== Improvements ==
First, I would say to make it so if you hit a meteor with the wrong color laser then you will lose points; maybe not 100 but something like 50. Or maybe make how many points you lose based off how many colors are available. So for 2 colors, you lose 50 points then go down 10 points per new color so 6 colors make you lose 20 points. And another thing to make it harder on the player, would be making the laser charge.

I would say both improvements would make the game harder, and make it so players can't just go on blasting all willy nilly as there be penalties for such making them think more.

Next, I would say maybe introduce power-ups of sorts. Like a device that turns all the meteors on screen one color and what color it changes them to is based on what color is generates at the time and what color laser you hit it with. So if you hit it with a blue laser when its yellow, then you make all the meteors green. And to benefit from this most, possibly make each new color meteor worth more since they usually appear more rarer in the level they are introduced. Another idea could be a power-up that freezes/slows every meteor temporarily (could be a vortex bomb to keep with the theme) or another could simply be bomb that destroys everything on screen when activated.

Other than that, if not taking the above into account to make people think more and have it be more about strategy and as a result harder. I would say, generally make it harder. Make the meteors come at a faster pace, make the colors vary a bit more to throw us off...and more levels and in turn more colors. Maybe say a maximum of 10, as I think anymore be too difficult unless you made it easier in other ways.

And finally, I say the art could be improved a bit. Not saying its bad, as it is good generally but hey there is always room for improvement with art on most things here after all.


I say with some polish and some improvements, I could see this game being very popular and addictive. Keep up the good work!

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for your very detailed review. You're suggestions are very useful, I was thinking of having powerups of some kind and those are some great ideas for them. I'm not sure if more colors would make it harder or just more confusing, I was thinking of other ways to make later stages harder like things to avoid shooting. Thanks again for all your suggestions.