Reviews for "Meteor Blast"

too hard

vectors were okay, graphics were not great, music was annoying and so was the laser sound effect. Perhaps each color of laser should make a different sound.

ChromeShark responds:

I'll keep in mind your comments about the music and SFX. Thanks.

ah good game

its a good game but i get bored

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks, I didnt intend this as much more than a small time-waster.


Nothing interesting about this game but it is kind of good.I have played these type of games over ...maybe 20 or 30 times and its beggining to get bored.It includes cell shooting mode ,rock shooting modes(Like yours) and other modes.
The game is good.The controls are also very easy.
The vortex too me was useless so it is a waste of time in the tutorial to talk about it.Maybe you should add powerups or some other things,OK?
My score:
My score was 80,400(It is possible to get a score like me)and I will give you this=)
Something that I want to tell other people:
If you give the game rating 9 and below you SUCK man!
and this too:
If you are giving this submission a low score,please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist.The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole.If you review is too be mean,offensive,or generally not helpful,you will be banned,get a You Suck advise from me and your account may be terminated.NOTE:Any attempt to promote an outside,unrelated website in this space will result in the deletion of your user account and will get a You Are A Bastard advise from me.

ChromeShark responds:

I know that the concept isn't completely original but I don't think its been done exactly like this with the color matching, slowing and chaining (at least not together). I disagree that the vortex is useless as its required to get decent chains - I'm wondering how you got such a high score without it to be honest! As much as a I appreciate your 10 I also appreciate lower scores, honestly I wouldn't give this a 10 if I was rating it myself, an 8 maybe. As long as they have useful criticisms to back it up then that's fine with me. Thanks for your review!

Nice game.

It would make a good rhythm game. Add some good beats and some powerups and you have a winner here. It was pretty easy.

ChromeShark responds:

Making it into a rhythm game is an interesting idea, I think I will at least try it out for the next one. Thanks for the 10!


OK, the game was good, although not my preffered type of game, so I will not give it a poor rating because of that.

The main issue I had with the game was that it was just too repetitive, it was more or less the same thing for several hours.
I think the other people have given good ideas with things like the powerup idea from ArtificiallyFlavored, or maybe even allowing you to buy upgrades.
And a story line would be nice too so that I don't just think im randomly shooting rocks for no apparent reason, maybe im defending my planet from a load of rock that have mutant aliens living on them or...the planet is being attacked by giant fruit and vegetables and make the rocks the shape of vegetables...ok, maybe not that one, but you get the idea right?
But still, good effort, good graphics, I didn't lag at all and thought all over it was quite original, good for you, keep it up! and gratz for front page and daily 4th btw

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for your review and I get that the game isnt for everyone so I appreciate the high rating. You say it is more or less the same for several hours - I pity anyone with enough spare time to play this for hours! I personally wouldn't play for more than 10 minutes if it wasn't mine. Story - possibly, although I often find that a badly tacked on story can do more harm than good to a game.