Reviews for "Meteor Blast"

Its ok...

Its gets boring after a while, but a good game...

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks : )


Its a good game , but gets cheap when you unlock all keys!

ChromeShark responds:

Not sure what you mean by 'cheap', but for the sequel I have a somewhat different color system in mind that would only use 3 keys. Thanks for the 10!

interesting start

I really like these kinds of games but the color matching seems to be getting old and/or lazy. Not saying you were choosing the lazy way out or anything since this was based off of a dream you had (don't worry, some of my drawing ideas work similarly). What I am saying is that this idea needs to evolve. To increase the difficulty and make things a bit more interesting, instead of colors of the meteors and lasers, make the meteors different "materials" or types of rock and have different weapons or drilling equipment that are only effective against the certain rock.

Also, the game didn't get too difficult to me. That might be because of the fact I was using one hand with the "q" "w" "e" "a" "s" "d" or it might just been that I wasn't rushed at all. I was given time to make error. The only challenge was chaining anything higher then 2 rocks. If thats what you mean by the challenge, then you were successful with that. However, I think, instead of chaining attacks, the main focus should be getting the appropriate meteors before the health runs out. Doing that while bombarding us with meteors (in the later levels) while using the vortex tool (great idea BTW) to slow down the masses more to prevent the weapon recharge from running out instead of using just for a chain attack and maybe think up powerups that would ad to the strategy. Like a "ful vortex" that would temporarily slow the entire screen or an "omega bomb" that would wipe the screen.

Wow, that got lengthy. Sorry, I just have ideas, can't make games, and I like to suggest. Anywho, it is a great game. It's just short and a bit easy yet a bit too dificult with the chaining. A nice job overall. A great time killer.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the long review. You're suggestions are helpful and I will keep them in mind when I make the sequel (this is pretty much for certain now and I'm looking to start work on it early next year).


Not too bad, but it got very boring very quickly. The apparent lack of a pause button was also rather distressing.

ChromeShark responds:

Tried the P key? ; )

Eh not bad but not good either

I liked the style but i quickly began not to like the game...The game itself was good just the gameplay wasnt tht great if u made a game like this without the colors but had additional turrets etc some ups and stuff it wud be great but ill give u 3/5 and 6/10 good luck with it

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for your comments. Definitely expect upgrades in the next one!