Reviews for "Meteor Blast"


This is good, however I can't give it better than 7 due it being near enough unplayable for me. I have a relative old CPU, but that shouldn't prevent me from being able to play it with decent frame rate - an option to disable the particle effects would be greatly appreciated. (shooting 3 in a row caused unplayable frameskips)

ChromeShark responds:

I wasn't aware of any lag when I submitted this and had no reports during testing, but it's been coming up a lot in reviews so I'll be working on it for the sequel (and possibly add options to reduce particle effects). Thanks for reviewing.


i found it too easy

a ultra hard mode will be welcomed =D

ChromeShark responds:

Will consider Ultra hard mode in the sequel, thanks

creative, I like it

good potential, powerups would be nice. Otherwise this is a great idea

ChromeShark responds:

A lot of people seem to be wanting powerups so you can definitely expect them in the inevitable sequel. Thanks for the 10!


pretty fun... it was like "asteroid guitar hero".. pretty entertaining all in all... kept me on my toes! nice game

ChromeShark responds:

Hadn't thought of it like guitar hero but you're right, the game concept is pretty much identical! There was me thinking I was being original heh. Thanks for the review.


i like this a LOT. but, i have absolutely 0 cordination XD so, maby a coulple powwer ups, and maby a easy-medium-hard style with kinda like guitar hero,(not realy) the speed goes up as the levels progress , but the colers stay the same??? meby?
all in al, realy nice, would have enjoyed it more if i could handle 3 colors :D

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review, will keep your suggestions in mind.