Reviews for "Meteor Blast"


With all the shooters our there, its nice to find something different every once in a while, im to tired 2 play 4 a while but wat i did play was fun. keep up the good work

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the good review :-)


Very cool concept. The color thing has been done before, but I like the way that you used it in this game. There really shouldn't be any lag. I'm not sure how you're doing those particles but if it's lagging you should definitely tone them down. It might even be a good idea to have it an option to remove them. I was even lagging in low quality, which just shouldn't be happening. I was enjoying the game and then I paused and accidentally clicked return to menu when I clicked back into the game... it would be nice to be able to click out of the pause menu to return to the game, instead of having to press p, just because you need to have your fingers by the asd keys.

Also on a more technical note I noticed your particles made a box effect, so I'm guessing you did xspeed = Math.random()*30-15 or something like that, and same for the yspeed. If you used sin and cos and a random angle you'd get a circular effect. angle = Math.random()*Math.PI*2; xspeed = Math.cos(angle); yspeed = Math.sin(angle);

At least I think that is right, hopefully. Anyway cool game.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks a lot for the detailed review. I didn't think of anything here as original, but rather bringing things together in a way they hadn't been done before. I believe I did optimise the particle effects as much as I could and they're extending the sprite class so not much that can be causing excess lag, I think its due to the sheer amount of them, which I could have an option to tone down for users on slower machines so I'll keep that in mind. Your pause suggestion is useful too. And thanks a lot for that code help, I was aware of the box thing and couldn't find a way round it (only tried for a minute though tbh) so that will come in very useful! Thanks a lot for reviewing, really helpful. Btw I loved Gravity Ball!


i thought it was fun and liked how you could slow down the meteors

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for reviewing!


cool a lil hard and simple but its alright

ChromeShark responds:

I wanted it to be challenging to get all the way though, its not too hard when you get the hang of it.

:S what is this

I dont even understand this- i died at stage five. confusing but fun.

ChromeShark responds:

The tutorial should explain it all well enough, dont feel bad at dying on stage 5 it starts getting tricky by then. Thanks for the review.