Reviews for "Meteor Blast"

Nice game, but

The lag made it unbearable: I know you warned of it being CPU-intensive, but with quality set to low, music and sound off, my dual 2.41gHz processor still couldn't take it.

Surely for something as simple (although still fun) as "things asplode when I shoots them" the code could be somehow optimised to not eat so much processing power.

I'll admit I know almsot nothing about the innermost workings of comtpuers, but it just seems wrong that a small flash game should lag on a comptuer that can easily handle CoD4 on high graphics for breakfast!

Hopefully you can find a way to optimise this game; if you do, I would definately like to play it again.

ChromeShark responds:

I've had a few suggestions for getting the lag down so I'll keep them in mind if I do a sequel. This was my first attempt at particle effects so I'm sure I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for reviewing.


It was ok, but a little slowmoving, It took forever for the game to go anywhere.

ChromeShark responds:

I tried to get a balance between speed and a decent size game overall, I thought 6 minutes total was a good length. Thanks for reviewing.

what was that

no seriously what was that for a game that was like sumthing you would want to get a headache from and as for the bkg it was ok but to this game it stunk hard core

4/5 9/10

Very good idea for a game, it really has alot of different parts to it so it would sem to hit more demographics.

I could also really see this concept making a good rhythm game.

Great work.

ChromeShark responds:

Interesting idea about a rhythm game, will think about that. Thanks.

Good Concept

I enjoyed the concept thoroughly and the art was good. It did kind of get monotonous though.

If you're looking for ideas on how to add more diversity to this game (not that you need to), I'll offer a few. You could have the laser destroy other colors but with a penalty to the score. Another idea would be to have different color meteors absorb the laser. (although, this idea would work better if the laser was coming from one side of the window rather than both sides) You could give larger meteors more health per se (kind of like Asteroids). Anyways, you probably have better ideas than me.

Coaly already mentioned the severe lag part. For this type of game, you could definitely use the copyPixel method of drawing to the screen to speed things up. It does take some learning though. And you'd be working with bitmaps rather than 3D objects if you were using a 3D renderer.

Keep up the good work.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the helpful review! I'll keep all your suggestions in mind, I have a few ideas for expansions to the concept in mind myself. I wanted to keep this one quite simple to test out the idea, as its gone down well I'll almost definitely do a sequel one day. I'll look into the copyPixel method you mention, cant say I've heard of it before. Thanks again, and congrats on your high score, its insanely high!