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Reviews for "Strange Dreams"

I'm not a big fan of surrealist art, but this one is very well executed.

This reminds me of the nightmares I get.Not frightening,but deeply disturbing.

The concept is so abstract, yet the title makes it a reality for me... perceiving people and expression through features, positioning, animals, numbers, and yes even fruit!!

I'm going to be honest, and I'm not saying this to put down another artist, but this is better than anything I've ever seen from Camilla D'Errico. Don't get me wrong, she has a lot of talent, but the surrealism in her pieces (that I have seen) feel very forced to me. It's just:

Girl + Weird Shit On Head = Surrealism

(I realise this might come off as a very glib interpretation, but it's just the feeling I always walk away with after seeing her work).
The influence here is distinct, but it's just better. And I love it.

Out fucking standing!!