Reviews for "The Pongsters"


PINKY MONSTERSSS!!! But in all seriousness, damn good flash for a first-timer. Animation was done well, music was a little low key, but fit well with the scenary. Well done!

Wyndham responds:

Thank you.
ah yeah, the music I made myself with FruityLoops, still an noob at that as well.ha ha
thanks again

i knew that waz gonna happen.

u try to make it unpredictable and then i predict it.

good job but next time have the bird eat the scary one.


Make another of this, or even a series. I'd like to see this develop. You may wanna make some sort of replay button on it, but yeah, I like it.

Wyndham responds:

Thanks mate!
Oh yeah, actually forgot about that, I will add th replay button soon.
mmm, a series, sounds good to me.

For your first flash, this was excellent!

Many first time Flash submissions are usually jumbled messes of stick figures and irrelevant music all hastily put together by some twelve year old still trying to figure out how to work Microsoft Paint. This, however, was very well done and if I had to guess it I'd say that the author has had considerable experience working with Flash software. It had a unique style, clean presentation, clear sound, and just overall polish. Outstanding work.


You sure have talent kiddo :DD use it ALOTH ! :D