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Reviews for "Pirate Skull Puzzle"

ยบ.O is realy goood....

Only that you need to arrange the skulls, instead of " that esten bitting " put them in circles ... or better ... why that you do not try it instead of blue skulls? Put swords or hats pirates or incluse , periwigs! .... and mas there are many quantities
Attentivly: carlos198
Thanks to the elmundo he is a translator to translate all that from Spanish to english



pretty basic

but still a decent time waster/casual game

like you said...

game was quick...

i enjoyed it though i give it 8/10! good work!

(title in work)

Not bad at all. A good game to spend a few minutes playing. The graphics were well done, and the theme was consistent throughout. Nice game play interface and easy to get the hang of. A good level of challenge in this game and some replay value as well. Nice job.