Reviews for "HSR: Drunk & Available"

Haha, oh wow.

I liked when Bubs talked... was fairly accurate, along with everything else.
Very good production quality, too, it looked very, VERY much like something from HSR.
I guess I'd've liked to see any other character in it, if you want constructive critism about it, but for the style it was good with just the tip of strongbad's head and hand...

5'd and 10'd


I'm a big fan of Homestar Runner (Favorite character - Strong Bad) and I have to say that this is a really good parody. The animation was perfect and the voices sounded like the original voices like The Brothers Chaps did it and that's really amazing. Good flash and worth a favorite.

rating: 10/10
vote: 5/5

I Can't Beleive it,

Aside from being so god damn funny and brilliant, i said to my self over and over "this guy is the voice of hsr, this guy has to animate for hsr" i am impressed at the voice! sounds just like him! and the humor is great, and kind of like the brothers chaps, if they could take about weiners lol. morale of the story, that was way too amazing! btw nice dr.barber touch in the beginning

Funny yet disturbing :)

Wow, funny how accurate he did Homestar's voice...it was just disturbingly funny at times...great animation. I would sware the Brothers Chap did this, it it weren't for certain content. :D

Did you do the voice? Because it's amazing!!