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Reviews for "The Alcyone Incident"

Very good

You must have put a lot of effort into this. It is one of the best stop motion animations here. I liked most of the animation, except for the creatures walking- it looked a bit awkward.

It wasn't much of a story, but it was alright. Great job on animating this.

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Yep the walking awkwardness was caused by a lack of good footing to the ground. The aliens were held to cork board via pushpins and loose cloth. I'll improve it next time! Otherwise, thanks for watching!

it speaks for it self!

not bad i liked it


Kind of a silly concept of a film in my opinion (maybe due to the western/alien hybrid idea). I liked the twist at the end though.

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Heh, yeah but Westerns and Aliens are my two favorite things! Glad you liked it!


Is good , tough story lack sense. Why all of sudden they kill each other.

It was great...

...right up until the sound died on me right after "I'm gonna' kill those turncoats". I liked it, but you should probably fix the sound issue.

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Hey man sorry about the sound issue it was a big WTF? for me. I uploaded it and the sound was chopped in half. I got on fixing it as fast as I could, apparently all it took was re-uploading it. I wasted some time searching through the file and all but damn it all a bunch of people got shafted into watching a crap upload. If you have time, check it out again... thanks for watching anyway!