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Reviews for "The Alcyone Incident"

very good kudos to you

ok for a stop motion film this was done very good right to every word

Very good

You must have put a lot of effort into this. It is one of the best stop motion animations here. I liked most of the animation, except for the creatures walking- it looked a bit awkward.

It wasn't much of a story, but it was alright. Great job on animating this.

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Yep the walking awkwardness was caused by a lack of good footing to the ground. The aliens were held to cork board via pushpins and loose cloth. I'll improve it next time! Otherwise, thanks for watching!

Very good

You could send this to the creator of robot chicken im sure they wiil appreciate this! :) good job!

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Yeah I am a big fan of Robot Chicken! Thanks!

stop motion

for a stop motion film. i can see you have worked very hard on this.

i loved it to be honest. i think it consisted of good hard work, a good plot, and also an awesome ending. im looking forward to seeing more of you!

keep up the good work! -ethan9994

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Thanks man!

I can see the effort you put into this.

This is very well done. You can tell you put a lot of thought into the whole thing, so I recommend expanding on the idea of the story. First I watched it, then read your comments about it, so it didn't quite click that there were meant to be three clear personas, the idiot, the workhorse, and the thief type. I would elaborate on that, but otherwise, this was surprisingly engaging if you have an open mind. The animation was spot-on. The voicing was really well done, and the poem narrarated in the background really sets a great overall mood that drives the story. I enjoyed the camera most of all though. The way you set it up to create the scenes, showing how the protagonist takes cover, it was very well done. This especially shines through in the last scene. Keep up the great work. Good Luck, do more stop motion.

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Great, informative, and constructive. Thank you.