Reviews for "Venezuelan Flag"

Very cool

Very well done.


Great background. Amazing. You have the ability to be an amazing flash artist. Maybe up there with the good ones. I think you just did this to test your skills and such.

NIckFoo responds:

Yep :) I have only been using Flash for a year so I wanted to make a good first impression. Thanks for your review :)


You are a promising artist / Flash Person.

NIckFoo responds:

Thanks a lot dude. Your feedback is always welcome

the picture is damn nice dude!

can you send me the picture of the sunset? it was damn nice!

NIckFoo responds:

Probably. I'm flattered seriously :)

What exactly do you want the picture for?


you should make a variety of flags that people can choose from
maybe... do something more with it? i dunno
the only problem was how the flag would keep folding but still an amazing use of code. great job
how long did the actionscripting take ?

NIckFoo responds:

Well, remember that Flash is limited so you can't put too many triangles, or else it will start to chug along. The folding is natural because of the wind.

The code took a looong time to perfect, given the limitations of Flash. There are actually some invisible spheres keeping the flag from colliding with itself, so that means you have rigid body simulation in addition to fluids. It's quite complex :)