Reviews for "Focus: The game"

Great idea for a game but

Great idea for a game but it's too fast. slow it down or place a easy mode please.
Keep the good work
7/10 + 3/5


this does not qualify as a game

Emrox responds:

You do not qualify as a ninjaman.

Give me some info on what you didn't like.

Frustrating, but fun.

It's borderline between fun and frustration. What you could do is you could make a storyline, like a photographer trying to take pictures of a jailhouse to help a prisoner bust out his/her dad/mom.\

Interesting concept...

Interesting concept, but I don't think you pulled it off all that well. There's too much visual precision involved. Maybe you could employ like a 'hotter colder' thing, so the player at least knows where they stand. So, say, give us five lives and give the screen a red (too high) or blue (too high) tint, and make it more accessible to the everyday user.

Otherwise, nice job, you've built a fine game with an interesting concept. 6/10