Reviews for "SCS: TE 001"

i like it but

how the hell do i pause, when i am a destroyer i have to close the page and click on it again constantly interupting the game play

bottom line: HAVE A PAUSE BUTTON!

good game

if u got questions here are some answers
small ships=can die
big ships=can't die
mother ship=not sure
so if u pick big ship u can't die but if youre small u can die but there is a health bar i suggest being small its the funniest PLEASE MAKE SCS: TE 001

Too slow

I like the concept, but the ships shoot and move way too slowly, and it takes really long to kill other ships. Speed it up and make a smaller recharge time between shots, then this should be good.

its kool

i get its a demo thing a nd ont the ful version. that said, i liked it a lot, but it has problems
1. theres no health bar for your guy
2. every1 is really hard to kill except for small guys. are htey all invincible?
3. thers not much to do when playing as the destroyers.
i hope to see this game again and improved!

So Sloooooooooow

Should have more ACTION, and you should make a better tutorial.