Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass 3"

level 8

on level, open game in a pop-up or just remember your password, on newgrounds, go to games, puzzles, and it's in alphabetical order, sorry for the spoiler, but it stinks to get stuck so early in a game.

These games just show how Newgrounds has grown!!

I love these games, and I love how Newgrounds has grown into such a thriving community that we can create games like this that make us the users go threw and really look at flashes and know our newgrounds trivia!

I would really like to see another one of these, and if anything whenever we do the treasure hunt on newgrounds we should encorporate it into this game, making the participants in the game go through and find the video's/games that get over looked!

Keep up the good work and hope to see many more in the future!


Not even close to being done, but I like it alot. For those who are stuck on level 8, then password is the name of the game.

help out ken 10 ben

the 4th seceret is 3 letter that are high lited in the 30th lvl . put those in the pass box

i helped.

1:operator 8:autospy This is as far as I go, the rest I leave up to u all to figure out.