Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass 3"

Awesome game

This is a fun, addictive game, but like bluetooth1989, I have problems getting through lvl 28... Bush + pig whats that about? Maybe its not a bush... Any help?

Eh what the hell

It's a cool game, very clever. And I enjoyed playing it, but I got all the achievments before the medals were added, what now? :/


This is a really awsome game. althuge it's pretty damn hard. oh and nice medals.

This is an excellent game

I havent gotten to the secret password but i think its ground, beacuse in the games first dialog box there are highlighted letters in orange that spell ground. oh and awesome game 541531651437654176437653/10

Lv. 10

Or, you could drag the image icons over and the bar will stay there unless you roll over the bar or the image.