Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass 3"

some of the badges are not working otherwise, awesome game

I've played this type of game before
all I can do on it
is to find the secret password to pass the level
I found the walkthrough to move from mission and earn medals
nicholas win a 5, for perfect game

Good game! Searching for paswords arent much of my favs but i do this one!

GOOD GAME.i ge all the medals and i have the secret password.but i can't tell it,cause it's a secret!

1. operator
2. script
3. patch
4. roses
5. properties
6. lantern
7. faint
8. autopsy
9. aidem
10. lovely
11. log
12. benny
13. before
14. lolcake
15. knee
16. workspace
17. free
18. slam
19. flat
20. mouse
21. circle
22. logic
23. ground
24. narrative
25. language
26. 351
27. pinnacle
28. hedgehog
29. yo
30. takeover or revive its your choice!
Level 1: press tab and open the secret page, and click the small grey box on the bottom right.
Level 16: Keep going left until you see a trophy click on it
Level 20: click the mouse right ear
Level 22: click the start button on the DS.

Level 4: go to your right and jump down the first gap you see and go to your right. The secret ammo box will be waiting.
Level 13: go to your right to the edge of pink then keep going up even out of bounds till you find a pink square, click the trophy inside it.

Level 30: type in sbc in the password box.

SUPER PASSWORD: you will get this when you have all the achivements: q5v48e

Thanks for reading this hope it helps!!!