Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"

A parody not to pass up!

This is a very funny and entertaining parody and should be watched untill the end.Recommended for zelda and parody fans!

more ahhh

like on number 1 when the bug juces got squirted on his face that was amazingly hilarius funny and ha ha ha i wish he would scream like that more often its funny and i cant get enough of it also this one was amazing i love the fights and the art is a bit ....not so good but its a flash and beacus of that fact it makes up alot and it has its moment also the story line is verry verry good ^^ not the same and funny

That was a entertaining one

But i wasn´t able to understand any of David´s lines :´(

You know, it would be a total ten if the anatomy of the characters were just a biit more accurate. Anyway, it is a good film^__^

Watching part 4 now!

Fable Music

I like the fable music =)
overall good series/animation

many funny things in this one!

there are many funny things in this one lol :P
"welcome to... ow..."

oh and why was he naked when he got the master sword?