Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"

Erm slightly unaccruate but still...

Awesome it was drawn well its funny the plot all adds up, but in "Ocarina of Time" Link goes forward in time because he wasn't old enough to use the master sword because he wasn't Kokiri. Still 10/10 of 5/5 and the in-depth shit dosn't make any difference to me. =P

maniacmark responds:

but you see david did not go foward in time because he is already old enough

This is amazing and...

To LinkZeroFurry I'm sorry that you didn't like this because it wasn't Link and Zero as foxes making sweet hentai love to each other.

Anyway, I love David series keep it uP!


He pulls a "The Silence of the Lambs" at the end of this one.


even if it kills me


Man I love your series but I have to ask and im sure everyone else is wondering the samething. WHEN IS THE 4TH ONE COMING OUT??!!!