Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"


Cant wait till the final battle GRRR .V.

Still good

This one didn't really have jokes, it was more about action, so I found it less funny.
And the review below me bring me to another point: the voice.

I've noticed that David had a weird accent, well in fact everyoby in your animation has an annoying voice. My opinion is that in your next flash (don't change David though) when you make a parody or something, having a more human voice helps to stick to the action (i get lost with his voice) and you identify yourself to the charcater (or something like that, yeah..). In the parody, if the character is overreacting, it becomes more funny: there's an explosion and big monsters appear, and all David says is "what weeeez that?" with his flat voice and then he fights them without asking anything. I think you tried to make fun of Zelda in that serie, and maybe you got off the style a little bit.

Anyway, even if its different from the first and second chapter, it's still good, but you may improve the quality a whole lot.

:D part 4 here i come!

this just keeps gettin better!!!!!


like it alot but it's missing something that i can't put my finger on... good job though.


pretty funny guy

I liked the main character's voice, you have a unique sense of humor