Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"

:D :D

Good sir, I lol'd at this masterpiece


Great job

This was awesome. Great job on everything. It was also very long compared to other flash movies which makes it's better than others.


---Break Down---

Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 9/10
Humor - 9/10
Length - 10/10

im sorry...but im just not into it

You tried ...It had decent action but the voice was annoying and the visuals were choppy. This Isn't your first flash so I would have expected a bit more on the visual side, but I understand. You did some ok things but this just didn't capture me and excite me. Congratz on the daily feature. Im glad people are into your work, but people fell in love with the Numa Numa dance which was nothing but some kid dancing badly to music. Keep the work coming and in the future I hope your work will start to grow on me. -Tyrant-


I love this flash. It must have the greatest voice acting and lip sync ever! It's not that the voice always fits the lips, but it's the style that rocks!

keep it up!


couldnt get better