Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"

You have my support

I support this flash with my review because I approve. Very nicely done. I saw part one, and originally missed part 2 when it came out. Part 3 helped me to find this series again. Really looking forward to good number 4!

more serious hey?

it's pretty good but more serious then the others witch is good

i like this one

and the 2nd one is my favorite but he should of not gone forward in time because he is already old enough
but ya these are great

Much better....

I watched this before and loved it, and after constantly checking thousands of times for Chapter 4, I found this and it got me hyped about how awsome number 4 was gonna be. Thx for the crazy insane update to detail and action. (Violence)
P.s. I watched 4, it was even more awsome then this. woooooooooooo....

Pretty cool!

I liked the action sequences and the fact that you did the artwork yourself. Even though the guy isn't the Hero of Time he sure as heck fights like it!