Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"

lol lol lol lol

that was fucking awsome and the reinforcements was loco that mean insane

Still going good!

Yeah, that pretty much rocks.
I love it when reinforcements arrive :D

Good stuff

Hahaha, yeah this was pretty good. The scene transitions had a good flow and the music went well with it all. Even the story concept wasn't too bad. The ending part was funny, and yet disturbing......though more funny. XD

Now if you just got the art itself polished up a little more this would rock pretty hard. Keep up the good work. This has got loads of potential.

this shit is great!

man this is awesome! i love how youve taken this in an altenative direction with a misplaced hero. this is random, funny, and still makes sense. man im adhd and cant pay attention for 2 minutes but ive been watchin these one after the other again i present you with my 10/5!

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Make more and it would be cool if you made a back story after he slays ganon if he does....